Welcome to Kideo@Cube-Grade 1 to 7 Department.




(Fee includes: Educating, supervision, lunch and care taking)


Please note that Gr 1 to 7 fees are paid from January to December. 


Registration fee: R1500


1 Gr 1 to 7 Child:         R2660-00

IMPAQ fee:                   R245.00  estimate per month to be registered by parent and                                                                 resposibillity of parent


Additional Information / Costs:


  • All activities included in fees

  • Photos excluded from fees

  • School uniform excluded from fees




  • Copy of both parent’s ID documents

  • Copy of child’s clinic card

  • Copy of medical aid card

  • Copy of birth certificate


Menu - Toddlers









Kideo @ CUBE Grade R 1 to 7 Department

Week 1

Macaroni, Cheese & Vienna’s

Meatballs, Mash & Pumpkin

Pap, Gravy & Boerewors

Fishcakes, Mash & Sweet Carrots, 

Jelly & Custard

Hotdogs & Chips

Week 2

Mince & Spaghetti

Chicken a la King

Pap, gravy & Boerewors

Fish fingers, Mash & Sweet Peas

Jelly & Custard

Hotdogs & Chips

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