Why Cube Schoos




The owners Anton and Elize van Rooyen will aim to provide game-changing Education to each little individual enrolled at the school.  


The Pre School aims to provide a happy and secure environment in which children can learn, play and develop. All our staff are checked by the relevant authorities to ensure their suitability and all are qualified according to Departmental standards. We are an inclusive setting and welcome all children from 4 months up to 6 years. Our Aftercare provides Homework facilities for our Grade 1 to 7 learners.



Helping your child to settle in



We would like to welcome you and your child to Kideo@Cube. We look forward to working in partnership with you to make you and your child’s time with us a happy and successful one. Children settle into Pre School in lots of different ways. Some children will confidently move into school as soon as they come in, for instance, if they have attended toddler sessions or have an older sibling in the school. Other children may be nervous and anxious about leaving their parent. Most children will be somewhere in between. Leaving children can be quite hard for Parents, especially if it is for the first time. Please be reassured and try not to worry if your child experiences difficulties – it is a very normal part of a child’s development to be anxious, nervous or angry about starting school. Also, children under three years of age often need a little more time for each of the stages. We also recognize that many parents will find this a difficult and sometimes upsetting process. We hope that we can use our experience to support you and your child in whatever way suits you to make it more or less as tear-free as possible.


What to wear

Due to the nature of the activities taking place throughout the morning, your child may get messy, so please dress him/her in easily washable clothes which allow easy movement. We provide protective clothing for the children when they play with messy activities but sometimes they still get messy. Please choose clothes with simple fastenings to make using the toilet as easy and as independent as possible. We also ask you to bring in a pair of comfortable/old shoes, as on occasions the grass area will be muddy. Please label them clearly with your child’s name. At each session please bring in a bag containing a spare set of clothes for your child and nappies, nappy bags and wipes if they are needed. These can be stored in our cupboard if you wish.